About Us

TRENDS TODAY MEDIA PVT LTD, established in 2016 with its corporate office at Kozhikode, Kerala, India is focusing on publication of books and periodicals for augmentation of readership among the public at large.

Thalsamayam Evening Daily and www.thalsamayamonline.com are the latest ventures in our leap forward. A fraternity of veteran journalists dedicated to Truth and News, is the torch bearers of this unique idea.It is free born and free floating.

This team is headed by Mr. P.K Raheem (Chairman) and N. Jehangir (Managing Director) of Trends Today Media Private Ltd.

T.P Cheruppa (Chief Editor), N.P Rajendran(Editor), Assain Karanthur ( Sr Deputy Editor), Dr. I.V. Babu (Deputy Editor), P.K Parakkadav (Periodicals Editor) are the seniors in the Editorial Board and Kakkodan Muhammed is General Manager and Printer and Publisher of Thalsamayam Daily.

We have a core team of young journalists along with other professional expertise with state of the art technologies, and hence Thalsamayam would be a combination of the experience of the elders and the energy of the youngsters, the outcome of which would be a vibrant newspaper. Thalsamayam evening daily which is a complete National Newspaper in Malayalam, the first of its kind in Kerala, is being published from three centers of Kerala ie Kozhikode, Kochi and Malappuram.

At a later stage units will come up in Thiruvananthapuram and Kannur. The corporate office at Kozhikode is ideally located on 3rd floor of MPS Tower, Arayidathupalam Indira Gandhi Road, Kozhikode, Kerala, INDIA